What Type of Courses Are Needed for Pediatric Nursing ?


Pediatric nurses provide preventive and acute care to infants, children, and teens in a variety of settings. They may learn their specialty through formal classes or while at work.

A nurse can take pediatric nursing courses during a basic educational program, through continuing education, and in preparation for certification in pediatric nursing.

Pediatric nursing content is included in both associate degree and bachelor’s of science degree programs in nursing. After graduation, a nurse can keep learning through continuing education courses in specialty areas of pediatrics. The Pediatric Nursing Certification Board offers a structured curriculum to prepare for specialty certification. Find a link in the References section.

On the Job Training
Some hospitals offer a Versant Residency Program in Pediatric Nursing that provides a solid foundation in the specialty, while others offer mentoring and precepting from seasoned pediatric RNs.

As a pediatric nurse becomes more competent in his specialty, he may expand his role by earning a master’s degree in nursing and becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner.

In general, the best way to earn more money as a pediatric nurse is to continue your education. An RN with a bachelor’s degree makes more money than an associate degree nurse, and a nurse practitioner commands a higher salary than an RN, according to pediatricnursing.com.

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