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Parental Body (Hitkarini Sabha)

Hitkarini Sabha, Jabalpur

Hitkarini Sabha

Hitkarini Sabha,Jubbulpore for the first time ushered into the history books, in the year 1868,eleven years after India’s first freedom fight of 1857.Since then, the history of Hitkarini Sabha is synonymous with India’s Freedom Movement.

Hitkarini Sabha is now managing 8 colleges,18 schools, and one computer center, enrolling more than 13000 students and employing more than 1000 teachers and staff.

Hitkarini Sabha is a leading nationalist conglomerate of Central India in Jabalpur with a unique contribution to the Freedom Movement and has promoted the moral, social, and intellectual interests and well being of the people, by extending literary and technical knowledge. Hitkarini Sabha is imparting value based education in the field of law, humanities, education, science, commerce, computer, engineering, and nursing.

Hitkarini Sabha 1868 – 2006
A vision that made the difference
138 years in tune with times.

Hitkarini Sabha, established in 1868 is a non-profit, philanthropic organization extending literary and technical knowledge in India. Its activities are based in Jabalpur in eastern Madhya Pradesh. The Sabha is managing 8 colleges, 18 schools and one Computer Center enrolling more than 13,000 students and employing around 1000 teachers and staff. It is imparting value- based education in the field of law, humanities, education science, computer, nursing, engineering and dentistry.

It has come a long way since inception from providing elementary school education in the 19th century to higher education in such complex fields as engineering, nursing and dentistry in the 21st century. In this century of globalization when the world is looking at India as an opportunity and Indians are proving to be nothing but the best, Hitkarini Sabha has taken on the challenge to become a preferred choice of students not only from the province and the country but to the students of the entire Afro-Asian region.