HITKARINI SABHA is a historic, educational, non-profit organization located in the city of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India. It is runs some of the oldest academic institutions in the region. It was founded in 1868 by Raj Balwant Rao Kher, Diwan Biharilal Khajanchi and Shri Ambika Charan Banerjee. Hitkarini Sabha was persuaded by Seth Govind Das to take nationalist view.The students at Hitkarini Sabha institutions participated in the swaraj movement. Hitkarini Sabha has played a significant role in development of Hindi language. In a meeting in 1871, the Hitkarini Sabha met to discuss the question of court language. It was decided by an 8 to 2 margin that Hindi is more suitable than Urdu.It published a literary magazine for a while and organized meetings of leading Hindi authors. Seth Govind Das was associated with Hitkarini Sabha as a trustee and members of his family continue to serve the organization.


Nursing education in India has undergone significant change in recent times. It has, developed from certificate course to doctorate level and has come to occupy its rightful place in university education. The recent concept of primary health care arid the world wide goal of health for all (WWGH) by 2020 AD has initiated changes in the educational component of nursing personnel.

University education for nurses was introduced first in 1946 when B.SC. Nursing course was started at the College of Nursing at Vellore and New Delhi. Subsequently, more colleges of nursing sprang Up offering degree course in nursing. Similarly, the University of Delhi first introduced a two years course for M.SC. Nursing in 1960. With a view to evolve uniformity in the curriculum, the Government of India appointed ‘Bhore Committee’ in 1946 and based on its recommendations, Indian Nursing Council (INC) was established under an Act of Parliament in 1947.

HITKARINI SABHA, a leading education agglomerate of Mahakoshal region promoted by eminent nationalist and freedom fighters of the area, rose to the occasion and the Jabalpur Institute of Nursing Sciences & Research came into existence in 2001. While doing so, it has envisioned hundreds of faceless boys and girls in far off towns and villages of the area who lie awake at night dreaming of how they could unlock their future. The institution, which rightly boasts of its infrastructure and professionally qualified team of faculty backed with century old expertise in the field of academics, is committed to produce world class nursing professionals by providing world class nursing education.


NURSING profession has come a long way from serving to maintenance of health standards, advanced education and research. Ms. Florence Nightingale is the patron and true epitome of the modern nursing profession. As a vital component of medical care, it has stretched itself in preventive, promotive, rehabilitative and evidence based care of the sick and the society. It offers tremendous scope of career growth, and opportunities, both in India and abroad, are more and varied.

The biggest challenge, India faces today is the lack of human resources in health – physician, specialists, nurses or paramedics. As per a recent Planning Commission study, the country is short of 6 lakh doctors and 10 lakh trained nurses. For every 25 thousand Indians, there is just one nurse. In the rapidly changing health care scenario of the day, nurses are challenged to work in expanded, specialist and advanced practice roles. Nursing education is much more than making them up in preparation. It means continuous growth and holistic development with the use of communications and nursing informatics to carry along with the health team, patients and the community.

Jabalpur Institute of Nursing Sciences & Research, a pioneer in the field of Nursing Education in Mahakoshal region is contributing its modest share since 2001. It’s proud to be part of the educational chain of HITKARINI SABHA, which avreasts the educational standards in Jabalpur City. The Institute, which rightly boasts of its infrastructure and professionally qualified team of faculty, is committed to produce world class nursing professionals by providing world class nursing education.